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Last Call In Montreal

by Drew Winters

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Gonna Drive 03:13
Gonna Drive (Winters,Sherman) Well I saw a new road while I was driving And I won't stay here where I'm only just surviving I know one sure way to lighten my load Gonna drive gonna drive 'till I run out of road Gonna go somewhere I don't know Glide down the coast to the gulf of Mexico Roll on through where everything is new Drive 'till I just forget about you Well I might head north and I won't think twice And I'll keep my heading while the road turns to ice Gonna go somewhere I don't know... There's too much emotion to hang around I could swim across the ocean and find new ground Get up off the shore Steal a set of wheels and drive some more Gonna go somewhere I don't know... © 2019 Drew Winters
Secrets To The Grave (Winters,Sherman) I remember everything I see There's nothing wrong with my memory I'm not the kind to write it all down I've seen some things that would make you weep Those stories are mine to keep You're never going to hear me make a sound Our privacy is in retreat Wave to the cameras on the street I can't afford to go live in a cave Many would say that it's all in play And what's the difference anyway But I'm taking all my secrets to the grave I swear I'll keep it all to myself But I know where the skeletons lie No promises no money gonna make me tell Right up to the day I die Could it be a lie could it be true Who did what and who did who I know what all the whisperers crave Maybe I'm crazy maybe I'm brave Maybe I got no soul to save But I'm taking all my secrets to the grave © 2019 Drew Winters
Last Call In Montreal (Winters,Sherman) Pretty young boys from N.D.G. Got that andro look running free We're gonna rock that stage again tonight Gonna live forever in that vampire light Pretty young blondes come dance and sing along Drive all the way downtown from Dorion They see a chance to get a little wild Break away from their suburban lifestyle Come on come all Last call in Montreal How far can you roam I think I've seen it all Last call in Montreal And I'm a long long way from home And the dealers and hookers hang out there too There are hustles to be played And debts past due And the bikers say boy How do you keep the girls coming down I said man if I knew I'd bottle and sell it 'round Come on come all Last call in Montreal How far can you roam I think I've seen it all Last call in Montreal And I'm a long long way from home Come on come all Last call in Montreal Even when you win you know you lose Tell me have you seen it all Last call in Montreal We're all on a hundred year cruise I'm talking about places from long ago I'm thinking about friends I used to know Polaroid pictures on a window sill But I know somewhere Those boys are rocking it still Last call in Montreal... © 2019 Drew Winters
Nobody's Valentine (Winters,Sherman) She was funny as a standup She said I don't need a hand up She was pretty as a picture I said baby what a mixture Tease me say I'm too stable Kick me under the table Struck down I'm hanging my head Walking away knowing that she said I'm nobody's valentine I hide my heart away and I'm just fine Baby you could sing me an old love song And I might even be singing along You could tell me what a team we make But I remember every old heartbreak And now I'll never cross that line I'm nobody's valentine I don't want to believe her I said I'd never leave her I'm caught she's looking so fine I'm lost begging her to be mine She said I've never been more sure You know I've heard it before Shot down I'm feeling half dead Fading away knowing that she said I'm nobody's valentine... She's not looking for a heart attack Leave her a message and she might call back Maybe she won't and maybe she will Maybe you'll be hanging out waiting there still Show you now I've learned my lesson Tell you now I am confessin' That will be the last mistake That will be the last heartache I'm nobody's valentine... © 2019 Drew Winters
Little Alamo 04:02
Little Alamo (Winters,Sherman) The kids are marching Do you hear what they're saying Your world is changing Your money means nothing They have to breathe the air you made They know the price that's paid They're hungry for a better way And they didn't go to school today They see you bragging While you're circling the wagons What are you expecting What are you protecting Cause that's not freedom That's not what you're losing Maybe you've long forgot But you ain't no patriot Hey boy where will you go Will you find your own little Alamo Lock the doors and watch the sky Is that the hill where you want to die Hey boy you're already too late The kids are banging at the gate You think they're going to wait Going to wait for you See the ones in the rainbow They know more than you know They see more than you see When you point blindly You're drunk on your freedom That's not what you're losing You look like a dinosaur They'll pick their battles in a bigger war Hey boy where will you go... Do you know your history You're in the wrong century You look a little desperate Or maybe illiterate You don't like their colour Or the sound of their language But they're not going to go away And they didn't go to school today Hey boy where will you go... © 2019 Drew Winters
Living On The Letdown (Winters,Sherman) Squeeze your hand into a fist Place two fingers on your wrist A heart that makes no sound Is a heart shutdown Move into a room for one Where windows don't face the sun And promises unmade Leave a heart betrayed Pictures on a social scene Show a set routine Long days and longer nights Minor chords and lesser lights Gone beyond right or wrong No smile lasts too long Dance all night at the Rolling Stone But only dance alone And all the things you do Are called just getting through And I know so many who could tell you Your heart is only frozen Do you wonder if it will ever beat again When you're living on the letdown Living on the rebound Giving up on the high ground And all the things you do... I know so many who could tell you You're heart is only frozen I wonder if it will ever heat up again When you're living on the letdown Living on the rebound Giving up on the high ground ( Rebound, living on the letdown Letdown, looking for the high ground High ground, living on the letdown Rebound, living on the rebound Let go, flying on solo So low you don't know what you don't know Can't cry, don't care why Get by, get by ) When you only dance alone Now you're living on the letdown.. © 2019 Drew Winters
Cold Cold Day (Winters,Sherman) Anyone can prosper Every dog has his day But when you're born with power You can surely get your way You can surely grow your money When you've got it from the start But it takes a special genius To let it all fall apart It's gonna be a cold cold day When your world falls down around you No friends to surround you Nowhere left to hide It's gonna be a cold cold day When your devils call your number Rise up from their slumber They're gonna stab you with your pride It's a complicated world With many shades of grey You can keep your false bravado And all the games you play You can keep your simple answers For your scared and simple base But you got no solution For the change you can't erase It's gonna be a cold cold day... You fell for your ego And you opened up that gate Should have stayed under the radar Now it's much too late It's gonna be a cold cold day... © 2019 Drew Winters
Half Past Night (Winters,Sherman) Sometimes it's a hard world You're out there on your own No one's ever cleared a path for you The only life you've ever known I can't give you all you deserve I can't wave away the pain Some things we just can't control Like the wind and the rain But no one knows you like I do No one can ease your mind like me When the time is half past night When the glow is candlelight One thing that I know is true The only one who matters in the world is you Only you are in my sight The whole world's gonna be all right When time is passing slow The only one who matters when the lights are low Only you when your eyes are bright When the time is half past night I know you see what I see Nothing could make this wrong In a world of shifting sands I know I'm where I belong The sun is down with hours to fill Voices soft and the world is still And no one knows you like I do And no one can soothe your soul like me When the time is half past night... © 2019 Drew Winters
River Run 03:29
River Run (Winters,Sherman) When that cloud is low and I feel the pain Colour me like a subtle stain Cold and slow like November rain all day I know a way to break that grip I know a place and I make that trip The pressures slide and the worries slip away There are a million suns Out where the river runs I'm gonna jump right in Get some water on my skin There are so many ways To spend any single day But this is my life my voice my choice And it's here I'm gonna stay I'll meet you where the sun reflects We'll take in what the rest rejects Who cares what the world expects today We can watch the whirlpools spin Shoot the rapids for the win Where waterfalls have always been at play There are a million suns... © 2019 Drew Winters
HUMAN NATURE (Winters,Sherman) Sunscreen for sunshine Umbrellas in the rain We save ourselves from pleasure In avoiding any pain Moral little people We keep ourselves repressed Hide from the shame We keep ourselves all dressed Stagger with our baggage As we march along in step All that western luggage It’s such a pretty set While we envy the frenzy Of rituals and rites Of the gods of fertility Dancing in the night Careful what you say, might scare them away Wouldn’t look too good, wonder if you should (It’s too late) Faces in the crowd, don’t say that out loud Keep it to yourself, worry about your health NATURE IT’S ONLY HUMAN NATURE YOU CAN’T FIGHT HUMAN NATURE Breathe, live, love, mate (Step right up and have a go) Sleep, eat, die, fate (What have you got to lose?) Our passion for irrational Will never be fulfilled Superstitions weaken And still the pressures build They’re ancient, they’re heady Through the turning of the tides While we batten down the hatches They’re perverting out the sides


released November 26, 2020

Produced by Steve Sherman and Drew Winters
Recorded, mixed, and mastered at Steve Sherman Productions

Drew Winters: Lead vocal, vocals, piano, keyboards, percussion
Steve Sherman: Lead guitar, guitars, bass, drums, percussion
Karen Bell: vocals

All songs written by Drew Winters and Steve Sherman
© Drew Winters 2019

Artwork and photography by Rodney Bowes


all rights reserved



Drew Winters Toronto, Ontario

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