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Wanted Man

by Drew Winters

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ONE IN A MILLION (Winters,Sherman) I can only dream what I'd like to do And I curse the fates When they keep me from you They keep me I'm as frustrated as a mad mad hatter And all this talk of mind over matter Well spare me baby Even if it's true But to see you again I'd find any way Jump into the car and drive All night and day All night and day Work for the money until the day is done Get back to you I know you're one in a million I've seen a lot I've laughed and cried But I'll never be happy Never satisfied Till you tell me What I want to hear We'll take the risk Take the chances To hell with circumstance And I'll take you Away from here But to see you again... © 2006 Drew Winters
Digging For Diamonds (Winters, Sherman) She lives her life through her numbers Lucky numbers to be sure Ages and birthdays and symbols Lining up for one major score She dreams of life on the Riviera Wearing a tiara waving at the crowd Sipping champagne and laughing She’s rich and happy and unbowed She’s digging for diamonds Wading in the river panning for gold It’s gonna take a miracle to find them But maybe miracles are possible He spends his days following horses Shouting out curses as they circle around Could be morning could be night He can’t remember May or September Up or down And the voices in his head are telling him instead Place your bets now this’ll be the one Gonna take a miracle but you never know Better than no chance at all He’s digging for diamonds… Digging for diamonds Diamonds and gold Digging for diamonds This’ll be the one What if those numbers turned into dollars What if your ship finally came in And if a lover would say forever And you stay together Do you win And I’m digging for diamonds… And we’re all digging for diamonds… © 2006 Drew Winters
All A Dream 04:24
All A Dream (Winters,Sherman) I had the strangest dream All about you and me Out in the country We were underneath your family tree To you it was familiar Like a favourite memory And I've rarely seen you like that So happy and carefree It was your childhood getaway And you knew it well But there was something unfamiliar Something you had to tell And it was already getting late As we set sail alone I thought we were lost in the darkness But you still found your way home DREAM DREAM DREAM IT'S ALL A DREAM YES IT IS IT'LL BE ALL RIGHT And I've never really listened before And I wonder if anyone pays attention anymore And what of these dreams that play in the night Over and over until we get it right And then I found myself outside Wandering in the rain And there's a woman in a raincoat And she's smoking away her pain We had a conversation In the middle of that night She said "She doesn't really love you" But I was ready for the fight (explain that to me) CHORUS Missing so many details So many things not shown She said "She doesn't really love you" But I think I held my own DREAM DREAM DREAM IT'S ALL A DREAM YES IT IS IT'LL BE ALL RIGHT IF WE DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO WE DON'T HAVE TO SEE IT THAT WAY LIKE I'M COMING TO RESCUE YOU © 2006 Drew Winters
Manual Override (Winters,Sherman) I gotta get you off this one-way street Baby you're driving like you're half asleep You're breathing slow, your lights are low Wanna shake you so bad it makes me weep When you're so automatic Try an erratic turn Make it left or right Make it wrong or right Just make your rubber burn I will make you surrender You never had any choice You never had any choice Don't stop don't wait don't think Don't lie don't blink Don't you hesitate And we won't lose this interstate You got nothing to lose, nothing to win Spinning on cruise control You're really in a neutral thing And it takes a different toll And I wouldn't lie and I won't stand by You gotta know it's true I will make you surrender.... Found your override (Found your manual override) Slip in overdrive (Gonna slip it into overdrive) Fueling our desire (Fuel me up fuel me up) Driving by wire (Well you know you know) Drive drive overdrive baby don't slow down (Baby don't slow down) Ride ride ride me baby maybe all over town (Come on) Call call call me baby on that little phone (You can take me home) Dial dial dial me baby don't leave me all alone (Don't leave me) I will make you surrender... Found your override... © 2006 Drew Winters
Like A Blind Man (Winters,Sherman) I close my eyes when I see too much They only hide my sense of touch I might stumble but I don't mind 'Cause I can see you like I was blind Well it's a simple thing But it's everything When I can close my eyes And see you in my mind And I don't stop to think If I could or I should But there's more to all this baby It's just less understood And I can picture you Like a blind man would I close my eyes... What is this ancient game Makes us like moths to a flame Lose control of what we do That's how it was when I saw you And I don't stop to think If I could or I should But there's more to all this darlin' It's just less understood And I can picture you Like a blind man would I close my eyes... I can still get back there With secrets and memories shared Such a simple thing But to me that's everything And I won't stop to think If I could or I should But there's more to all this baby It's just less understood And I will reach for you Like a blind man would And I will close my eyes... © 2006 Drew Winters
Human Nature 04:34
HUMAN NATURE (Winters,Sherman) Sunscreen for sunshine Umbrellas in the rain We save ourselves from pleasure In avoiding any pain Moral little people We keep ourselves repressed Hide from the shame We keep ourselves all dressed Stagger with our baggage As we march along in step All that western luggage It’s such a pretty set While we envy the frenzy Of rituals and rites Of the gods of fertility Dancing in the night Careful what you say, might scare them away Wouldn’t look too good, wonder if you should (It’s too late) Faces in the crowd, don’t say that out loud Keep it to yourself, worry about your health NATURE IT’S ONLY HUMAN NATURE YOU CAN’T FIGHT HUMAN NATURE Breathe, live, love, mate (Step right up and have a go) Sleep, eat, die, fate (What have you got to lose?) Our passion for irrational Will never be fulfilled Superstitions weaken And still the pressures build They’re ancient, they’re heady Through the turning of the tides While we batten down the hatches They’re perverting out the sides © 2006 Drew Winters
If The Sky Is Falling (Winters,Sherman) You said goodnight Climbed up the stairs Into your bed Said your prayers In a simple world with a guiding light All is calm and all is bright A simple world with no jokers wild Just ancient stories in the mind of a child Old old stories in the mind of a child All this time Years in the making But the crowds are shrinking Pillars are shaking And now you're facing hard choices Do you ignore questioning voices Who wrote the stories in that forgotten style What would they mean in their time and trials How could they keep them in their time and trials And if the sky is falling Then why is this world still revolving It's only your sky that's falling Falling on you What's true is true and we can't break it Whatever it is I'm sure it can take it It's not hard to see which way you're leaning Speaking the words and missing the meaning It's not all or nothing There's no one to blame What if we're all one and the same And if the sky is falling... © 2006 Drew Winters
How It's Done (Winters,Sherman) I see something missing here A silence for too long You better find the words soon You know where you belong And I know it too This law of me and you But you've been quiet all this time It's true This is how it's done If you've been wondering This is what you say I miss you today This is what you do You could say I need you That's how it's done These words are not foreign to you Try them on for size There are always other choices That you have yet to realize But for words to be sung You need breath in the lung And the chances come and go One by one I want to know, I want to know You tell me, you tell me now That's how it's done © 2006 Drew Winters
It's so hard when you're taught to be fair But when you get taken there ain't no justice there So accommodating 'till there's no time to go round You do a little favour, they take a little more You're pulled in all directions Is that what friends are for You run a little faster and still feel you're losing ground That's when you You gotta let some Let somebody down Answer every phone call Put the others first But who's being comforted Which ones being hurt You get a little selfish then it all comes back around That's when you That's when you let some Let somebody down They have learned All the words that make you feel So sad so guilty so bad Answer me this question What would you do You want to help to the whole world baby But what about you Who will come looking When you end up in the lost and found When will you When will you let some Let somebody down © 2006 Drew Winters
Wanted Man 04:43
Wanted Man (Winters,Sherman) Too many times I’ve found myself here Watching her go and waiting for my head to clear Pulling up my courage and pushing down the fear This kind of love is so raw Shouldn’t be allowed to make a man wait Gotta be illegal to reside in this state And who am I to ever try and tempt fate But there ought to be a law It’s a crime It’s a crime to leave me this way And she breaks the law When she comes back to me And then she just runs away From the touch of her hand The brush of a kiss I said to myself it don’t get better than this I was a wanted man I remember one time when her eyes went wild And she just rolled down a grassy hill Giggling like a child I felt like everything I knew was suddenly on trial And I was out of control Then we’re alone We’re alone and she’s on me like a cat I think every man ought to have A few moments like that When she’s on top and I’m flat on my back We were on such a roll And I remember every moment that we stole It’s a crime…. In a perfect world she would be my girl But I won’t wait forever, I can’t live in the past Ain’t it funny how the first is the only one to last It’s a crime…. © 2006 Drew Winters


This is the CD that started my solo career. Steve Sherman and I developed an instant and deep friendship in1999, during the recording of Cats and Dogs' second CD, and I knew this was the guy I wanted to collaborate with. The friendship continued through three more CDs, and it continues to this day.

I had almost zero experience recording my own material, especially singing lead vocals... but I fumbled through with Steve's advice and encouragement. I still love the songs on this disc... some written over many years, while others are seat-of-your-pants tracks recorded as we were writing them. Fortunately for me, I wasn't on any timetable, nor had any agenda other than to see where this would all go. Our only plan was, and still is, to write and record stuff that we would want to listen to. If others liked it... bonus!

Special shoutout to Suzie Burmester (who introduced me to Steve - her guitar teacher at the time). Suzie is all over this CD, driving the rhythms and singing a lot of the backgrounds. Her arrangement ideas for Human Nature and Like A Blind Man really contributed to the uniqueness of those tracks in particular. Love ya Suze!


released June 1, 2006

Drew Winters: lead vocal, vocals, piano, keyboards, percussion.
Steve Sherman: lead guitar, guitars, bass, drums, percussion, vocals.
Suzie Burmester: guitars, vocals.


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Drew Winters Toronto, Ontario

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